Economic Calendar

The economic calendar is an indispensable working tool for traders who want to become profitable investors because it contains dates of significant releases or events that may affect movement of individual security prices or markets.

This working tool usually focus on the scheduled releases of economic reports for a given country. Examples of events that are listed on an economic calendar include: scheduled changes of the interest rate, reports from the Federal Reserve, BCE other central banks, economic sentiment surveys from specific markets, weekly jobless claims and other types of events.

Investors and traders use the economic calendar to plan trades and portfolio reallocations, as well as to be alerted to chart patterns and indicators that may be caused or affected by these events.

Whether you trade stocks, forex or futures, our calendar may be for you and helps you to better organize your trading plan.

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Disclaimer: Due to the ever-fluctuating nature of the financial market, the scheduling of economic events and indicators are constantly changing. We would remind you that due to external factors beyond our control, cannot be held responsible for any trading losses or other losses incurred as a result of using the economic calendar.

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