Think and grow rich

Title: Think and grow rich - The original Classic

Author: Napoleon Hill

Editor: Capstone Publishing Ltd

Year: 2009

Year of first edition: 1937

Rating: 4,5 / 5

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Main topic: Motivational book

About The Author

Napoleon Hill was born on October 26, 1883, near the town of Pound in southwest Virginia. He was an American self-help author, among the first that wrote and publicized the connection between success and the powers of the mind. At the age of 17, Hill graduated from high school and went to Tazewell, Virginia to attend business school. In 1901, Hill accepted a job working for the lawyer Rufus A. Ayers, a coal magnate and former Virginia attorney general. Hill left his coal mine management job soon afterward and began law school before withdrawing for lack of funds. The turning point in the writing career of Napoleon Hill occurred in 1908 with his studies about Andrew Carnegie. Deep reflections and inspirations arose which subsequently led to the writing of this book considered among the 10 best-selling self-help books of all time.


Think and Grow Rich is a personal development and self-improvement book. First published during the Great Depression, it is one of the most circulated books in American literature. It contains a formula for personal achievement inspired primarily by Andrew Carnegie and another 500 wealthy men that Napoleon Hill spent time interviewing and researching.


Napoleon Hill spent a lifetime of research in bringing the messages contained in this book to all walks of life, messages that are still relevant today.

If you are motivated by personal success books or, if you need a boost in confidence, this is the right book for you.

It has been written to pick up and change the mentality of the reader about achieving success. It all begins with the mind and influencing people to think more positively, which will allow them to achieve their financial and non-financial goals.

“You can learn to acquire vast amounts of wealth by learning to think like the men and women who have already achieved wealth and success.”

In this book, Hill offers a roadmap of how to reach goals, fulfill the highest potential and live happily by using the power of the mind.


“If you conceive it, you can achieve it,” 

This is a different book from other leadership and personal development books; by syntax, content and structure.

We recommend it to anyone who's looking for inspiration to better themselves, especially in times of economic crisis, because it provides hope for those who are willing to make a positive impact, and it also shows the way to improve and achieve success.

Thanks to this book, the reader will be able to:

  • introspectively examine one's self,

  • desire riches with a definite state of mind,

  • learn more about his subconscious mind,

  • positive influence his own thoughts,

  • define a winning plan to obtain success.

​​This is a book to read several times, possibly at least once a year, which will stimulate the reader to improve more and more.

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