Trading Plan

A trading plan is a tool that all traders should use to monitor their market operations.

If you are one of them, or aspire to become one, it could be better to use it in order to create a consistent basis for the best trading management. 

There is a wise expression in business that says: "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

Nothing is more appropriate in trading!

If you don't know how to make an effective trading plan, don't worry about that.
We offer a customizable tool 
based on your personal goals and objectives, and we do it differently from our competitors, because the price is entirely up to you.

Our desire was to create an "easy to read quickly" plan, fully automated.
For that reason, we decided to use an excel platform; from our point of view easy to consult and program.


We spent more than 200 work hours studying the proper structure of the plan and designing it, and now it is at your disposal at the price you decide!

If you are skeptical, send us an email and ask for a free demo. Otherwise, consider a donation.

To thank you for your support, we will send you the complete Trading Plan tool.

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